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Cost is less than 1 year's patrol and report security officer salary, fully burdened.

Force multiplier, hands-free patrol, alerts sent to Security Command Center.

Patrols for 10 hours without break, recharge or battery degradation.

Not deterred by power cords, thresholds, carpet, or other floor surfaces.

Transmits patrol route and alerts over SSL encrypted Wi-Fi; data stored on robot as well.

Security Robots

  • Designed to be rugged, reliable tools for the security manager

  • Provide taskable High Definition video platforms, with patrol capability

  • Force multiplier - hands free control

  • Voice input and response over the existing radio system

  • Advanced models generate alerts and alarms without human supervision

  • Product Specifications (PDFs)
Vigilus™ Mobile Camera Platform
Vigilus™ Mobile Camera Platform
Custom Colors Available

Command Console Interface

  • Displays robot patrols in real time

  • Customizable alerts: wording and sound

  • Security Officer can set and modify patrols

  • Included with Vigilus™ Mobile Camera Platform


Information for the Press

To order a robot or for more information, call 303.778.7400

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